Блокчейн: что это такое и как применяется технология в финансах

Блокчейн меняет рынок и способы коммуникаций компаний. Обзор посвящен тому, что такое блокчейн и как он используется в финансовом секторе. В этой статье разберем, как блокчейн технологии изменили финансовый сектор и как они помогают компаниям улучшить свой бизнес.

Bitcoin Halving: Short-Term Consequences

The halving of Bitcoin happened 11 May 2020 and since then, one can notice the first short-term consequences. Interestingly enough, some of them are not caused by halving directly but rather follow the event because of the behavior of Bitcoin holders and miners. Let’s look at why Bitcoin got slow and if it is halving to blame first.

Crypto Payments: User Experience

The sphere of money transfers and the narrower sphere of cryptocurrency payments is developing fast thanks to the rapid evolution of global digital infrastructure. Only a few people anticipated this turn of events back in 1990s. The following material is aimed to provide a quick overview of the most promising ways to pay with cryptocurrency from the user’s perspective.

Why Major Crypto Platforms Choose Mercuryo

Mercuryo is an ecosystem of cryptocurrency payments, and the recent news on cooperation between it and several exchanges quite familiar to the crypto community must have left some questions unanswered. Why exactly Bitfinex, a large respected exchange with millions of users and high trading volume chose Mercuryo, a startup you wouldn’t have found back in 2017? What’s behind the equivalent decision made by OKEx, EXMO and Trust Wallet? The answer is simpler than you may think.

New Banking Ecosystems

Every bank is an ecosystem on its own. One can find several departments responsible for different activities in any banking institution. Since the end of the last century, we are seeing an increasing digitization of most major industries, and banks are not excluded from this process. Let’s see how these financial organizations improve and expand their ecosystems with today’s opportunities.

Mercuryo Payments Provider Extends Ties With OKEx Platform

OKEx, a world’s leading cryptocurrency trading platform has joined the list of partners of Mercuryo, a quick crypto payments provider allowing fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat transactions. As a result, OKEx will now support credit and debit card payments processed by Mercuryo. The representatives of Mercuryo and OKEx have expressed their full support towards the partnership.