As a client, you might wonder what’s going on in Mercuryo and how our key managers are viewing their work. We present a new series of posts that hopefully becomes regular — a look at the day-to-day business processes from inside. Our first post of this kind is about the point of view of Tigran Hakhunts, Customer Support Manager. Discover what challenges Tigran meets, what interesting things you might stumble upon in this field and what makes a good Customer Support Manager.

What does customer success mean for you? 

My name is Tigran and I work as a customer support manager here at Mercuryo. I personally consider our customers an extension of our company. The success of our customers is the success of the company in general. I always take extra care when onboarding new customers to help them make crypto exchange as effortless as it’s possible.

 Why is Mercuryo different from other companies?

Our engineers have developed a solution that takes crypto exchange to the next level by making it a regular online shopping experience. You have to register indicating your email address and phone number, pass KYC by providing your passport/ID card photo and a selfie with the same passport/ID card, bind your bank card and you’re ready to buy or sell crypto. Unlike many other similar services Mercuryo is a legally licensed service for crypto exchange, we are obliged to comply with AML requirements for the prevention of bank card fraud and money laundering. Our company ensures maximum security and protection while combining it with a user-friendly interface.

Who are your clients?

The majority of our clients are veteran crypto enthusiasts that use cryptocurrency on a regular basis to refill their accounts on trading platforms, pay their bills, shop online or send funds to their relatives living in different countries, for example, one of our clients is a senior cryptocurrency enthusiast who sent pocket money to his grandkids in bitcoins! We live in a digital age, and digital assets are not unusual anymore. 

Regardless of that, we also encounter many newbies who just discovered the brave new world of cryptocurrency. Our customer support managers not only help our clients with daily transactions but also educate and teach the basics of how the blockchain technology works and how to check out the current transaction status.

What are the necessary skills for a good Customer Support Manager?

The most important skills are communication, patience, diplomacy, empathy, emotional intelligence and technical background. Mercuryo communicates with different groups of people for different purposes — which is why communication is the first on our list. Patience goes hand-in-hand with effective communication. If you’re read as impatient, the client you’re communicating with won’t understand what you’re trying to say — they’ll only feel the frustration and get frustrated as well. A big part of working with customers is being diplomatic and tactful. Empathy is another critical skill, because it’s critical for working in a customer-facing role, and it’s important for any sort of people manager. Emotional intelligence is often confused with empathy, but it’s a very different skill that support managers must possess. While empathy refers to your ability to relate to misfortune, emotional intelligence is your ability to interpret and respond to other people’s emotions. Your technical background, especially crypto knowledge is key essential in order to understand all the processes and deliver great answers to our customers.

How do you de-escalate angry behavior in customers?

It’s important to inform our customer that Mercuryo is always on their side and to assure that their inquiry will be handled in a timely manner. We sometimes encounter angry customers, especially when there is a huge load on the BTC blockchain, transactions are slower than usual and a customer might often get frustrated because you feel insecure when you have sent a good deal of funds and you don’t see any results. So that’s why customer support managers come along and help to shed light, explain how things work and provide a link to track the funds.

What would you recommend for other Customer Support Managers?

People are not trying to deliberately annoy you with their petty requests. If you don’t feel the need to help others, you won’t like this job.