Cryptocurrencies have always been called upon to simplify transactions and give users around the world a convenient alternative to traditional banking services. But the main virtues of cryptocurrencies can only be achieved through the gradual and sophisticated integration of their carriers into the daily lives of people via a streamlined and user-friendly approach.

The need for such a convenient method of equating fiat and crypto payments is the reason why Mercuryo is announcing the launch of its payment cards. By relying on Mercuryo payment cards, users will be able to pay using cryptocurrencies wherever MasterCard is accepted.

To make the use of the Mercuryo payment cards as reminiscent of traditional banking as possible, the cards come in two formats: plastic and virtual. Both are tied to the Mercury Bitcoin wallet. In order to start using the card, users will need to top up their wallet balance in BTC and manually activate the card through the Mercuryo App. The launch date for the payment cards is slated for the start of 2021.

In the spirit of a true banking forerunner, Mercuryo will be issuing its cards for European citizens, making them operable in any country where MasterCard is serviced. The Mercuryo personalized cards offer a validity period of a maximum of 5 years with delivery of the card to the users made within 6 days from the order date for greater convenience.

The first cards to be issued will be tied to the Mercuryo BTC wallet with more tokens to be added in the future. To issue a personalized card, users will have to verify their documents through a special online form. All Mercuryo cards are issued free of charge with card to card transfer options soon to be made available. The card designs are still under development, but Mercuryo is confident that the elegance and practicality of its newest product will be reflected in its form and substance.

The Mercuryo payment card is an ideal instrument for those seeking a mix of the modern with the traditional as the ability to have instant payments with the functionality of conventional banking is perfect for catering to a broad audience of potential users. Anything from daily shopping needs to instant transfers to friends or employees – the Mercuryo payment card is both versatile and user-friendly, providing a host of functions to suit its users’ banking needs in an all-in-one solution.

The global payment market is no longer limited to the world of banks and their stranglehold on financial transactions, as modern trends determine the demand for cards giving their holders the ability to work with cryptocurrency and fiat money simultaneously. As giants like PayPal start accepting cryptocurrencies and states like China and Russia are toying with the idea of issuing their own national digital currencies, Mercuryo is heeding the needs of its users and offers them a unique and convenient product.