Regarding the conflict in Ukraine.

In light of the ongoing Russian and Ukrainian conflict, Mercuryo would firstly like to express our compassion to everyone who has been impacted by these events.

As a global, multinational and multicultural company, we thrive on diversity and collaboration and thus, we are saddened to see the destruction this conflict is causing. The future we are building at Mercuryo will always be based on peace, solidarity and unity – whether that’s with our employees, customers, clients, partners or investors in mind. We firmly and strongly condemn any form of conflict, violence and destruction. 

We would like to make it clear that Mercuryo does not offer any of our B2B products or services to Russian businesses. We are not licensed to work with Russian businesses or conduct any commercial activity within Russia. All of our business relationships and licences to operate sit with Financial Institutions outside of Russia. 

Mercuryo is headquartered in London, however as an international business, we’re extremely proud to employ people from all over the globe – with offices in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Estonia, Latvia and Russia. We do have a number of employees working in both Russia and Ukraine and our number one concern is and always will be supporting our colleagues and their families, to ensure their health and safety.  

As a regulated business operating globally, we would like to offer our reassurance and commitment to ensuring all Mercuryo services continue to adhere to strict European Union licensing conditions, laws and legislation, including our stringent KYC procedure to reduce the risk of any fraudulent or illegal activity taking place on any Mercuryo platforms. We also remain fully committed to the EU, UK and US applicable sanction requirements, across all of our business activities. We are continuing to monitor the situation carefully and are fully prepared to take further action if and when necessary.