Buying crypto should be simple, and we’re undertaking the mission.

First, Mercuryo rolled out the possibility to purchase cryptocurrencies with bank cards. Then we introduced our widget to the businesses that want to sell cryptocurrency. Now, we’re making things even easier. 

Apple Pay and Google Pay payment methods for buying crypto are already available for anyone using smartphones via Mercuryo’s widget. This means that all the crypto wallets and exchanges that integrated our widget – including Trust Wallet, Trezor, and Coinpayments – now offer their users a new smooth way of buying coins. And if you want to join the club, we’re open to cooperation. 

In case you’re running a crypto project or looking to add an option of buying crypto on your website, drop us a line. Cryptocurrency purchases via Mercuryo widget enable a smooth fiat-on-ramp flow and increase your retention rate. Thanks to Apple Pay and Google Pay, crypto purchases happen like magic – just hit the pay button, fill in some info, and you’re in. Your customers will surely appreciate it.

Wherever Apple Pay or Google Pay are accepted, you can use our gateway for buying and selling crypto. If unsure whether your country allows that, check out the list of areas that support Apple Pay and Google Pay

How to Buy Crypto Via Apple Pay and Google Pay in Mercuryo

Simple things need no explanations. But you probably want to know how it works before you try it. So here’s the scenario.

To buy crypto via our crypto widget, you need to go through a few quick steps.

1) Choose cryptocurrency and enter the desired amount

2) Enter your wallet address

3) Verify your phone and email

4) Tap on the Apple/Google Pay button. If you don’t see the button, ensure you have passed the above steps and typed in your wallet address and cryptocurrency amount.

If you haven’t yet passed KYC with Mercuryo, at the very first transaction you will need to provide your ID and undergo a quick KYC procedure. The good news is that you only need to pass it once, and your next purchase will be even faster. Combine it with the Apple Pay and Google Pay flow, and your user’s purchases will take less than a minute.