Bitcoin and other digital currencies have faced a lot of scrutiny over the past few years. As of now, its legal status is considered differently in each country. Inevitably the overall tendency is drifting towards the acknowledgement of crypto and the development of appropriate regulation. Financial authorities can’t ignore something that big and rapidly growing; the crypto market cap is approaching $300 billion.

So far, crypto has become a powerful investment instrument, and we have learned to treat it this way. Now crypto is battling to become an integral part of the future — Money 2.0.

Sceptics would argue that digital currencies would never be legally accepted as an alternative means of payment, let alone replacing traditional fiat money. However, there are many people out there who think otherwise, including Mercuro founders and the entire team.

We are creating a whole new experience for our users introducing a different meaning of crypto, guiding you to a new world where cryptocurrency is not just a speculative instrument but money, in essence, perfect money that is invisible but keeps working in the background.

When you come to the store with children, they have no idea of money, and how it works, all they know is their desire.

In the nearest future, there should be no money as an object, only your wish and the interface between you and your wish. Digital currency is perfect for fulfilling that purpose.

Banks picked this up as well and invested multi-million dollar budgets in digital transformation to become more than just a financial institution but a service that makes your dreams come true. It allows you to buy tickets, pay for the hotels, communicate with the government authorities most comfortably, pay your utility bills online.

But due to a lot of bureaucracy, complex system architecture and overloaded operational processes, the digitalization does not run very quickly within the banking industry. New features sit in the backlog for months and years waiting for the resources, budget, prioritization and approval from top executives. Therefore competing with cryptocurrency is quite a challenging task even for the most advanced financial institutions.

That’s why many professionals from banking and payment industry switched to crypto to be able to influence the way we and further generations deal with money and develop powerful tools like Mercuryo — an interface between you and your desires that simplifies your daily financial routine without compromising on information security.

Soon enough, you will be able to pay with crypto in your daily life. 
All you’re going to need is your Mercuryo wallet, and magic will do the rest.
Swish — swish!