Mercuryo is an ecosystem of cryptocurrency payments, and the recent news on cooperation between it and several exchanges quite familiar to the crypto community must have left some questions unanswered. Why exactly Bitfinex, a large respected exchange with millions of users and high trading volume chose Mercuryo, a startup you wouldn’t have found back in 2017? What’s behind the equivalent decision made by OKEx, EXMO and Trust Wallet? The answer is simpler than you may think.

We all read that a good business is solving a problem of some kind, and Mercuryo does so with the following issue. Today, you can meet only a limited number of of fiat-to-crypto payment providers. Why? Because it requires a comprehensive acquiring infrastructure, relevant experience in payments industry and compliance with payment industry information security, card processing and AML requirements. Your search narrows even more if you try to find a payment solution that allows to buy cryptocurrency with a bank card. And even if you found a few offers, most of them would still set high conversion fees.

The opportunities of Mercuryo which became possible thanks to our product development team form an attractive list we are ready to present to any new B2B customer. All of them are easy to verify. And, of course, the most attractive of them is bank card payments for cryptocurrency. You’d think that after 10+ years since the advent of Bitcoin we would have this opportunity everywhere but the situation is still far from that. Increasing the list of our customers simultaneously means increasing mass adoption. Another benefit from Mercuryo that B2B clients get is selling cryptocurrency and transferring the funds directly to the same card you used for purchase.

It would be a mistake to say that some of our readers never faced the following problem: to buy Bitcoin, you first need to find the right platform and convert your regional currency into the United States dollars. Our clients are from Russia greatly appreciate the opportunity to buy crypto with Russian ruble without converting it into USD in advance. In the future, the list of regional currencies available to use on Mercuryo will expand.

Let’s move to the benefits that are not seen to the regular user. The payment gateway of Mercuryo is customizable, the client’s data can be pre-filled and all of the issues related to KYC/AML are in our hands, meaning that in case something goes wrong, your management will not be responsible for solving it, as it will be our job as a payments provider. 

You can read more about the need for KYC in the current crypto enterprises in a separate article. In addition, Mercuryo handles protested transactions: we try to avoid them altogether but in case they appear, we are here to solve this issue.

Another strong point of Mercuryo is its flat fees policy. Only 3.95% for a purchase and 2.95% for sale. Mercuryo does not set any additional card processing charges but leaves an opportunity for crypto platforms to instate their own fee of choice by adding it on top of our fee.

When a B2B customer is leaving all KYC and AML (Know Your Customer and Anti Money Laundering) issues to us, it’s a justified action. Mercuryo is licensed in Estonia (fiat-to-crypto exchange and vice versa, a separate license for a crypto wallet). In the near future, Mercuryo will acquire an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) license in the United Kingdom which will allow Mercuryo to share many properties with a bank excluding services related to loans. This will further increase the attractiveness of Mercuryo for more B2B customers.